Do More and Be More

How do you do more and be more?


Life is already bad news at times as we know it. We wake up in the morning to a snoozing alarm and rush to the bathroom with the thought of another day late in the office. In addition, how could we forget about the horrible traffic? All these scenarios are just some of the dreadful and ghastly moments that sip out the energy in us. Now, how do we survive?

Here are some of the easy points you can live by to do more and be more:

Enjoy the little things

          Extravagance is never the basis of joy. Yes, a trip to Europe may excite you. And yes, driving a brand new signature car may make you feel like you are on top of the highest mountain on earth. But no, life is not all about the big things because truly- it’s the little things that matter. It’s the way the little ray of sunshine hits your face when you peep outside your window when you wake up. It’s the everyday morning greeting you get in the office from the guard you see 5 times a week. It’s that good coffee, the first bloomed flower in the plant you nurtured for 6 months or probably the hilarious contagious laughter of a friend. It’s all those little things that can cheer you on in the most special way.

 Stop sweating the small stuff

          Sometimes, we human beings tend to stress on the little things that might not even matter 5 years from now. It is normal to experience misfortunes from time to time but at the end of the day, coping up is always up to us. Failure is not an avenue for self-pity, it is the pathway to learning and becoming the best version of yourself.

 Radiate positivity

          In a world where things don’t always go our way, it’s best to become a little ray of sunshine to other people. Smile and laugh, crack jokes, get silly and don’t be afraid to be that beam of joy to others. The bliss that you are to them is the bliss that you are to you.

Choose happy

          Although the river of cries and the road of uneasiness can never be avoided, choosing to be happy is a key to winning at life. When you choose happy, you believe that the universe has placed you where you are and where you are made to be. When you choose happy, you believe you have a purpose. When you choose happy, you become a paragon of hope.

Live the life you deserve

          A famous movie line says “we accept the love we think we deserve.” The same thing goes with accepting the life we think we deserve- the life that we know we deserve. It is the life where we are worthy of pampering, wellness, appreciation, joy, and comfort. Living the life you deserve is to make happiness become a lifestyle.


When you are more- you feel reborn. When you are more- you feel ecstatic. When you are more-you are alive.


It’s time to do more. It’s time to be more.

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