Home Office Ergonomic Adjustments to Lessen Body Aches and Other Risks.

Home Office Ergonomic Adjustments to Lessen Body Aches and Other Risks.

Making ergonomic adjustments to your home office is done to lessen body aches and other health risks. The key areas on making these ergonomic adjustments are focused on parts of your body that get worked up that would give you aches and sores if working on long periods.

Here are key areas to focus on making ergonomic adjustments as you set up your work station:

Head to Neck

Your head should align with your neck. Adjust the headrest to the position that gives the best support for your head. You can also have a neck pillow strapped around if your chair has no headrest. Neck pillows will support your head whenever you choose to rest and take quick breaks.  

Hand and wrist position

If your work lets you sit for long hours, your hands, wrist, and arms should be in a neutral position to avoid any sores on any of these areas. You can adjust the height of your chair or the table you are using. If your options are limited, you can use books, laptop riser, or any material that would help position your hands and wrists comfortably without irritation.

Seated posture and back Support

If you have found a chair that supports your back as you sit accordingly, great! If not, you might want to find one or improvise with what you have at home. Adding backrest tools or pillows gives lumbar support that allows muscles to relax and avoid distributing uneven weight and poor posture. The spine is structured like an “S” and keeping it the way it is will lessen the chances of having other backaches.  

Here’s a summary of some of the equipment and tools mentioned that might help you customize your home office to be more ergonomic.

  1. Laptop riser 
  2. External keyboard
  3. External mouse
  4. Cushions and pillows
  5. Rolled-up towel
  6. Orthopedic seat
  7. Footrest
  8. Voice dictation software
  9. Microphone
  10. White noise machine
  11. Lamp


There’s nothing wrong doing work while sitting but sitting for a long period without having the chance to move the rest of your body. As you sit, you mostly use your hands, fingers, and wrist. Eventually, your posture will wear out. You will start feeling some aches on certain parts of your body.

Take quick breaks. At least every 20 mins of continuous work, stand and have a good stretch for a minute or two to promote healthy circulation. If you take quick breaks when doing exercises, you can do the same as you work.

 Space and Ambience

Setting up your work zone with the right ambiance is also a consideration. Finding the perfect spot within your home space is vital. Having the right amount of daylight, adequate space to move, and having a breathtaking view are great factors that contribute to the mood you feel as you go through your work hours.

Homes like The Median sets you in the mood to find yourself enjoying more in life. With an ambient home that speaks out your personality traits with its unique lifestyle-tailored designs and Smart Home features, making your home office ergonomic adjustments will be swift and easy.  

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