The Median’s Smart Home Basic Features, Functions, & Benefits Explained

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The Median’s Smart Home feature is your first step towards an advanced lifestyle. We’ll explain how these features work and the benefits you’ll get to live with. With The Median’s Smart Home feature, you’ll get a head start into the future.

What is a Smart Home?

It is a home automation feature that provides integrated remote access to everything from security cameras, lighting controls, and others. Every unit is integrated with four basic smart home features:

Smart Gateway

The Smart Gateway serves as the “brain” or network system that transmits the commands you make from the Home Mate 2 mobile app to the specific feature you want to manage. It requires a connection to your Wi-Fi in order to properly execute the commands, whenever you’re within your home or out and about.

The Smart Gateway is designed in a square shape and comes in the color white so that it will easily blend in with the interior design of the room. This device is USB cabled and uses small electricity, saving you on your power consumption.

Door Lock and Sensor

The door lock has a two entry-way function that’s visible on the system, a keypad to input your code and a manual keyhole. Furthermore, this feature gives you three (3) ways to access and secure your home:

  1. Unlock from the mobile app
  2. Unlock by encoding your PIN on the keypad
  3. Manually opening the door with a back-up key

This device is battery operated and lasts longer than you think.

The Median’s Smart Home Basic Features, Functions & Benefits Explained

A small and handy battery-operated sensor hangs on the other side of the door. It sees whether your door has been properly secured or not. If there is any sign of forced entry or an unsecured door, the sensor automatically notifies you through the mobile app.

Light control

The Median’s Smart Home Basic Features, Functions & Benefits Explained

The light controls are connected to the manual switches and to the Smart Gateway system. This feature saves you the hassle of moving to a far end just to switch off the lights. You can do all that in just one touch from your phone.

IP Camera

The IP Camera is the indoor security feature that allows you to monitor your home in real-time. Whenever you’re within your home or away, you’ll have the convenient access to check your home so your worries will die down. It is USB powered and it will be installed in an angle that will cover the majority of the area of your home.

Now if you’re thinking, “Are these the only features that will or can be automated?”, no. You can have other home appliances automated like the TV, AC, curtains, microwave, electric fan and etc. However, the enhancement of other appliances will be at a different cost and shouldered by you.


If the thought “What exactly will you gain from this Smart Home feature?” crossed your mind. Aside from leveling up your lifestyle and having ha home that’s one step advanced from the rest, you’ll also live to experience a life of:

1. Security

The Median’s Smart Home Basic Features, Functions & Benefits Explained

Security is one thing we all want. Whether it’s financial, emotional, or securing your basic needs. Investing to own a house of your own is one of them. Because of The Median’s Smart Home feature, you’ll have a ‘house helper’ to assist you in monitoring, securing, and managing your home anytime, anywhere.

2. Convenience

Like the internet, you’ll find yourself enjoying the days at home in your favorite comfort spot, without having to move a muscle. You can conveniently unlock the door, turn on the lights and AC while you’re on your way home. It’s a lifestyle of convenience you get to live with because everything you need to do is done with just one touch.

3. Money’s Worth

Since when have you ever encountered such a cool find that comes at a great deal like this? Who would expect that a home having these features wouldn’t cost you a lot! The Median carefully designs the very four walls of your ideal home with the utmost considerations that you will definitely be looking for. Aside from thoughtfully tailoring the space to suit your lifestyle, you also live to experience more than what you’re paying for.

By incorporating this smart feature into your home, it gives you a head start into the future of housing. Furthermore, investments that give you a lifetime of convenience and the chance to experience the Do More and Be More lifestyle is definitely worth spending.   

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