Simple ways to incorporate FUN at work!


We want fun wherever and whenever we want. From home, hangouts and mini escapades, that small yet impactful aspect of fun varies on the need: to experience, to create new memories with people, or to simply divert our work into something interesting.

Nowadays, work is on a 9 to 5 schedule. We spend most of our hours per day at work with our colleagues. Face it, our colleagues and our work become our second home and family. Spending most of our time with them creates a bond that can be like no other. This bond can affect and influence our mood, perspective, and work efficiency. Why not put the fun in the work that you do?

Here are 7 simple ways to incorporate fun at work to Do More and Be More:

1) Have a positive work environment

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There’s a difference coming in to work for the sake of it versus coming in inspired and motivated. Having the motivation doesn’t just come from the goals you need to achieve. It is also because of the positive influence you get from the folks you work with and the atmosphere you feel as you go through the day.

Creating a positive work environment can mean:

a.       Supporting each other both in their career and personal growth

b.      Having their options heard

c.       Treating each other as humans, not robots.

2) Share a good laugh

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Sometimes when we are too focused on our work, we get tangled up in our thoughts. As you go through the day, never fail to crack a joke. Let your brain breathe and have a bit of fun for a while. Don’t get too choked up on what you do. A good laugh won’t hurt anybody. 

3) Go on breaks

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It’s important to get yourself a good stretch from keeping a stiff posture for quite some time. You need your limbs to help you get things done. Take a 15-minute coffee break or a walk around a nearby park or somewhere along the sidewalk. This will also help you rewire your mind with the fresh new perspective you’re exposed to and refocus as you get back.

4) Foster Creativity

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Nowadays, creativity is considered one important asset at work. It can differentiate you or your company from everyone else. Although it isn’t easy generating new ideas, always exert effort to make one. You’ll surely enjoy sharing your thoughts and getting the opinions of your colleagues.

5) Have a great jamming playlist

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Music puts you in a good mood. While working, you can find yourself moving to the beat. This will help you lighten things up. Instead of actually feeling the heaviness of work, you will feel better and end up having fun working.

6) Decorate your space

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Surround your desk or office with things that will put you in a positive disposition. Have bright colors, small stuffed toys, stickers, or motivation artworks around to help you spark creativity and become more efficient. Plus, your colleagues will learn a thing or two from you personally from the stuff you surround yourself with.

7) Have a snack bar

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Getting too worked up will obviously make you starve. But we all got little time. Why not make your office a bit more interesting by stocking up ready to eat biscuits, cookies, or even pastries stored in a sealable bin. That way, your office becomes your mini haven.

Fun doesn’t have to be limited to just where you work but also where you live. Being happy in your own home is where the fun comes from.

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