5 Tips to be Sinulog Ready

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Prititit! Sinulog is here again and everyone’s as hyped as you. With all the upcoming events and activities to look forward to, our minds get cramped up with all the fiasco that we forget what to prepare our essentials. Here are a few reminders so you can Do More and Be More on this festive occasion!


5 Tips to be Sinulog Ready_Loose/comfy clothes

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1.       Loose/comfy attires

Dress to impress is what we always aim for but you’ll be wandering around the entire day so you’d want to stay comfortable all throughout. Wear breathable and light colors to avoid attracting heat from the sun and from the crowd. This goes with your shoes as well. You’ll be walking around often and be lucky if you’ve found a decent spot to sit on. Consider the comfort of your feet as well.   


5 Tips to be Sinulog Ready_Right amount of make-up

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2.       Right amount of makeup

This goes out to those who can’t live a day without make-up. Brows on fleek, cheeks red tint and lips balm ready. Wear as much light make up as you can. You can carry around an oil film to help you remove excess oil on the skin. Always look fresh to look best.


5 Tips to be Sinulog Ready_Handy Bag

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3.        Handy bag

Don’t go around with a backpack or any bulky bags. You may use a wrap-around bag or any comfortable bag to help you carry your essentials around. Avoid storing big and bulky items inside as they can take up space thus making it heavy to carry around.


5 Tips to be Sinulog Ready_Sanitary Essentials

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4.       Sanitary essentials

As much as possible, bring your personal essentials with you. Minimal toiletries, lip balm, oil film, foldable fan, candies (in case you feel dizzy or hungry and can’t find food to eat), handkerchief, pocket-sized wallet. It’s best if all these fit well inside your bag.


5 Tips to be Sinulog Ready_Protective Gear

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5.       Protective gears

This is the most important thing you have to consider. If you don’t want to bring a bag with you, it’s okay. However, protecting yourself is best put first. It’s as simple as wearing a cap to protect you from the heat; sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun; sun block to protect your skin from the sun’s scorching heat.


It doesn’t hurt to get reminded of the smallest and simplest things no matter how redundant an activity can be. Lastly, enjoy the festivities and make the most memories out of it. Pit Senyor!   

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