Make your home More Pet-friendly

Preparing a more pet-friendly home for your furry buddies

Now that you have a place to call home, it’s time to make it more pet-friendly. In this article, you will be given tips to consider as you move-in with your furry buddy.

Here are 4 tips to help you get started:

Buy Pet-friendly plants


Adding the touch of green makes the home comfier but not all plants are safe for pets. Be mindful of the plants that can cause harm to them. Should you redecorate the place, consider researching plants that benefit you and your pooch. 

To help you get started, here are 8 houseplants that are safe for pets.

Prepare anti destructive tools for instincts

There would come a point when your pets would act on their instincts. It’s always best to come prepared when it does. Tools such as chew toys, a scratch patch, softballs, treats, and others. Have your home equipped with certain items that would help lessen their destructive behaviors, such as scratching on furniture, chewing on edges, or running dirt on your fresh mug.


You can either buy or create your own pet tools like a scratch tower or potty grounds. Innately, pets are territorial. Allocate a specific area where they can consider it “their space” to help them feel more secured and at home. Store fragile items on higher grounds to keep them away from your pets. 

Choose pet-friendly materials


Materials like wooden laminated floors, woven, leather, synthetic, low-pile fabrics are one of the many things you should consider when dressing up our home. These kinds of materials will help lessen your maintaining and cleaning efforts, maximizing your time to be able to Do More at home with your pets.

Promote the health and wellness of your pet within the home 


Just like you, they want to be in a stress-free environment too. Promote a spacious home to help your pets move around freely, enough to have an extra space for them to exercise with you. To even maximize your space more, you can have built-in features that you can incorporate in your home. Such as a diner coach with an open-bottom compartment for your pet to rest in or a caved cat litter in between small spaces. 

It’s always best to know what’s best for you and your pooch. By incorporating pet-friendly furnishings in your home will not only make it a safe-haven for them but also give them the lifestyle, they too, deserve. 

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Living Green: 8 Houseplants That Are Safe Around Pets | The Median (July 24, 2020)


[…] There’s a variety of houseplants you can choose to add in your home but knowing what’s best and safe with pets around is one way to prepare yourself in making your home a more pet-friendly haven. […]

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