Living Green: 8 Houseplants That Are Safe for Pets


Living in a green home has its benefits, especially when you want to make it homier and refreshing for you and your buddy. In this article, you will be acquainted with houseplants that commonly does the trick. You will also be guided with a few caring tips for the plant and which houseplants are safe for pets.

African Violet


Coming in a range of purple and pink hues, this 12-inch tall plant brightens whatever area you choose to store it in. It requires low-maintenance and can thrive without bright light. Water the plant through the pot whole for its roots to absorb and avoid dampening its leaves and petals.  

Air Plants


Air plants can survive without soil which is perfect to add an aesthetic look. It can thrive with bright, indirect light and can survive with a quick soak for once a week. The leaves that usually spike out would be tempting for your pets to chew on, so might as well keep it at a far and high range.

Christmas Cactus


This is a non-toxic plant. However, it can cause intestinal discomfort if eaten.  It can be stored in the same area where dogs and cats freely roam. Grows relatively short, less than 12 inches, but can spread up to two feet. It grows best with regular watering and bright, indirect light.

Friendship plant


The plant’s name says it all. Like the Pilea plant, It can easily be divided and shared. Rest assured this plant is safe for cats and dogs even if they bite off its fuzzy and crinkly leaves. It usually grows up to 12-inches long and can tolerate medium, low light, and loves humidity.



It’s nice to have a mini garden with growing fresh herbs that you can add in your home-cooked meals but do note that not all herbs are pet-friendly. Herbs like lavender and oregano are off-limits, but basil, sage, and thyme are safe. Let it sit by a sunny window for four to five hours for direct sunlight every day and water when the top inch of the soil is dry.

Aside from adding it to your home-cooked meals, some herbs give off an aroma that fills quaint rooms like this.

Parlor Palm


If you’re considering tree-like indoor plants, this is your best option. This type of plant commonly grows up to four feet but can reach eight feet. This is perfect for green thumb beginners as this requires minimal maintenance. Tolerates bright, indirect to low light and needs watering only when the top inch soil is dry.

Moth Orchid 

Pink Phalaenopsis orchid flower | Source:

This orchid is safe for pets but can be troublesome for dogs or cats who chew often when you do a potting mix which often is made up of bark chips. The chips are not toxic but can cause tummy aches if swallowed. This pet-friendly plant can tolerate low, medium, or bright light and only needs watering once a week about every other week.


An overhead shot of Mexican snowballs near each other | Source:

This type is commonly used as an indoor plant because of minimal watering every couple of weeks and grows at a minimal height. Although you need to do your research because not all plants are pet-friendly like the Jade succulent.

There’s a variety of houseplants you can choose to add in your home but knowing what’s best and safe with pets around is one way to prepare yourself in making your home a more pet-friendly haven.

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