Self-Management: Reasons Why There’s Joy in Missing Out

Self-Management: Reasons Why There’s Joy in Missing Out

Here, we’ll talk about the reasons why there’s joy in missing out and discussing one important thing to do as you practice self-management.

If we’re afraid of missing out on opportunities or career progression, it can be tempting to put in extra hours and overwork. This also prevents us from taking the much-needed time off.

The joy of Missing Out is the act of getting pleasure from missing out on plans with others. It’s about taking a break from the demands of daily life. Self-management is important.


While some might be impressed on the eagerness to take on extra tasks, putting in extra hours and spreading yourself too thin can take its toll on your work and productivity. This can be damaging to your mental health and negatively impacting self-esteem.

It’s chronic stress and a growing problem in the workplace resulting in many “highly engaged” employees getting exhausted and eventually quitting.

Silent Mode On

Thanks to the rise of social media and other ways of staying connected, we now have a window into other people’s lives. With a new wave of hustle culture penetrating the millennial workforce, missing out is a trend amongst young adults who wants to break free from being “always on.”

There’s more to focus on when doing self-management. This generation promotes mental health awareness and personal care, they are so willing to give up on a number of social activities for their own benefit.

Do More and Be More

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